What is a Syrian Hamster Cage and Why should it Be a Large One?

If you own a hamster, you may have been told to buy a Syrian hamster cage if you are currently looking for a new one. What is a Syrian hamster, and what type of cage does it need?

What is a Syrian hamster? — What is actually a Syrian hamster, you may know as a golden hamster. The small, energetic, lovable hamsters that are often kept in groups but probably should not be.

That is because Syrian hamsters are usually lovely when it comes to people, but can be quite aggressive when it comes to other hamsters. This is also why those owners that know a lot of Syrian hamsters tend to buy them large cages.

What is a Syrian hamster cage and why should it be a large one? — A syrian hamster cages is nothing more than the cage that a hamster of this breed is kept in. In most cases, however, it should be quite a large case.

After all, a Syrian hamster needs a lot of room to run around. He also needs room to be able to exercise in. Whether that is on a hamster wheel, or on ramps or on climbing frames.

What should a Syrian hamster cage have in it? — It should first have a large enough area for your hamster to run around in. There should also be a dedicated area where it can comfortably curl up and sleep. The cage should also be properly ventilated, and easy to clean as you certainly do not want your hamster to become sick.

Make sure any materials the cage is made from are also non-toxic, and that it is also durable and not easy for your hamster to chew.

Finally, ensure the bars are not too wide as otherwise they could become a nasty trap for your hamster if he ever tries to get out.

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